Marte Meo®, Lego® Serious Play® with the newest Method Real Time Change®, the hypnosystemic therapy developped by Gunther Schmidt, systemic consulting, holistic coaching and supervision, attachment theory, systemic structural constellations procedures as well as other approaches and methods: they all serve one purpose to supporting you in the following goals:


  • Seeking a life with less difficulty finding moments of peace
  • Searching for meaning to discover new solutions
  • Developping greater understanding so that the reaction becomes an action!
  • Finding the right simple words to use to explain things that seem obvious to you
  • Understanding what promotes the development of potential in others
  • Using new media for better, and more focused perception
  • Creating rooms for feelings.
  • Finding space for reflection.
  • Discovering your own internal “gold mine” and that of others
  • Rekindling your personal development
  • Using conflicts and crises as opportunities for a new beginning
  • Developing new ideas to deal with recurring situations in a different way
  • Daring to tackle new things
  • Designing tailor-made support for children, young people, families or professionals

Here you will find information, training courses, and different formats of support. New tools like Marte Meo® posters, Marte Meo® maps, movies to stream, etc. will be added over time.

Tolstoy said:

“The power of thoughts is invisible as the seed from which a huge tree grows; but it is the origin of the visible changes in man’s life!”

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