New since January is the opportunity to complete the Marte Meo® Practitioner online and live: 12 individual online appointments! More information here

Also new the new edition of the poster for the free situation. Now supplemented with new photos and “linking-up” in the format DIN 1 and DIN 2. There’s more info

And the new educational game “The Marte Meo® 3Ws-Box”. Here, too, you can find out more.

The Marte Meo® Masterclass and the Marte Meo® Trade Day with Maria Aarts will now take place at 2nd and on 3 December 2020 instead of the 6. and 7 May 2020. Soon there will be the modified flyer. There are still some slacks.

Whoever participates in both events saves 10,- €

Do you not want to use the federal project CompanyValue:Human and/or CompanyValue:Human Plus?

Depending on the state and company size, up to 80 of the consulting and coaching services can be refunded.

This concerns the:

  • Digitization(so what do we need to work even better)
  • Leadership (communication, leadership topics such as healthy or agile leadership, team and organizational development)
  • Health(prevention, health management, handling of stress)
  • Knowledge and learning (planning and development)

The project has been extended until 2022.
More about Marte Meo®Tools can be found here: Marte Meo® Tools

There will again be two different Marte Meo® courses in Crete in 2020:

Next “Marte Meo® Practitioner” on Crete in May 2020: Download here

There will again be two different Marte Meo® courses in Crete in 2020:

  • the Marte Meo® user course as a compact offer May 18 – 23, 2020
  • a compact start from Marte Meo® therapist and Marte Meo® consultant 25 – 29 May 2020 (continuation depending on preference online or in the classroom course) Info here

We will again carry out the courses in a beautiful house with panoramic views, garden and a large terrace, above Plakias.

Fancy being part of it? It is best to reserve for 2020 in 2019, as the groups will consist of a maximum of 6 people. This year, both groups were fully occupied.

Tools: The Marte Meo® Din A 2 posters for free and structured situation,the Marte Meo® cards for the pocket and the Marte Meo® question cards. Soon the Marte Meo® elements box.

Haven’t you wanted an overview of the essential Marte Meo® elements that are helpful in the everyday life of nurseries and day centres? So as a reminder, refresh. Many people hang up the posters in the office and use them to quickly show something to parents, colleagues, interns.

There is also a poster for the area of care for the elderly.

All Marte Meo® posters are based on the 3Ws model by Maria Aarts. More information can be found here

If you want to quickly get into a tailor-made Marte Meo® therapist and/or Marte Meo® consultant for further education, you can realize this immediately in the ongoing courses.

An ongoing Marte Meo® advanced course is available in Rostock. Simply call 0175 / 2686615 or send an e-mail to

If you want to work with Marte Meo® you have to deal with technology. As specific questions are asked again and again, such as: Which devices? What editing program is easy to use? How does this work? How does that work? What should I pay attention to when ordering, etc. We learn this together in the courses, on Youtube and in exchange at regular tables etc.

Marte Meo® further education, teaching coaching and of course supervision for youth welfare institutions and day care facilities are exempt from VAT, which has a beneficial effect on you!

Beautiful Side Effects of Marte Meo®!

One of the many positive side effects of Marte Meo® is a sharpened perception, seeing more and at the same time staying more mentally in the here and now. The prerequisite is to be able to perceive and enjoy the small moments of everyday life more consciously. So want more enjoyment in everyday life?

Augsburg – Colmar – Euskirchen – Hildesheim – Crete – Munich – Regensburg – Rostock – Saint Barthélemy Le Meil – Toulouse – Würzburg

“Marte Meo®: Participants from The Marte Meo® Basic Course report”