New since January 2020 is the opportunity to complete the Marte Meo® Practitioner live online with 12 individual online appointments! More information here

And if you want to start working right away with a Marte Meo® therapist ans/or Marte Meo® consultant on a tailor-made education plan, my ongoing online courses are a perfect option. More information here.

Tools: Starting in Summer 2021, youwill be able to buy the Marte Meo Cards in several versions and languages. Been wanting an overview of the essentials Marte Meo® elements that are helpful in the everyday life? The Marte Meo Cards use images to help you revisit scenarios and review what you’ve learned and practiced. All Marte Meo® cards are based on the 3Ws model by Maria Aarts. More information ncan be found here.

If you want to work with Marte Meo®, you habe to deal with technology. There are some questions that come up again and again: Which devices work best? What editing program is easy to use? How does this work? How does that work? What should I pay attention to when ordering? We’ll answer all of these questions in online and live courses.

Beautiful side effects of Marte Meo®!

One of the many positive side effects of Marte Meo® is a sharpened perception, seeing more, and at the same time, staying more mentally present. First you must learn to perceive and enjoy the small moments of everyday life more consciously. So want more joy in every day life?

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“Marte Meo®: Participants from The Marte Meo® Basic Course report”