It’s nice to visit this site! Here are some tools to get ahead with Marte Meo®. All games, posters, card sets and soon books can be sent worldwide. Gradually, all tools are offered translated into English and French. Postage costs vary according to the country of destination. Is something sent within Germany, within the European Community or elsewhere? I look forward to your feedback, ideas and wishes.

Marte Meo® Videos

How do you cut your videos and how do you prepare them? I’ve been using Clipbird since the beginning of the year and I’m thrilled! It’s fast, it’s easy and you’ve done the written documentation in one. And because it is so helpful, I decided to give you the opportunity to get to know the program.
Via this link: “Yes, I would like to learn more about Clipbird and benefit from the 5 discounts when I purchase the program” visit clipbird’s website. Although I assume that everything goes well there, as the website does not belong to me, I cannot take responsibility for the handling of the purchase or the product itself, but you will see, it is worth it. I wish you a lot of fun and time saving with it!!