Informations about the Marte Meo® method for parents in more as 10 languages:

You heard about Marte Meo® and you want to tell your friends or your family about it?
Maybe you want to explain how it can be helpful? 
You are a Marte Meo® Practitioner, a Marte Meo® Therapist, Marte Meo® Colleague Trainer or Marte Meo® Supervisor and you coach families? If you need flyers in other languages about Marte Meo® for the parents themselves, their relatives or friends here you are!
They are free, you can use them and put your name and your contact details at the bottom of the flyer. If it is usefull for you, I’m glad to hear about it!

Albanian: Thank you Julia Marte Meo® Therapist und Colleague Trainer in day care
Arabic: Thank you Hind
Bulgarian: Thank you Iliana Eichhammer Marte Meo® Practitioner. Contactd details:
Japanese: Ai is Marte Meo® Therapist und Colleague Trainer, specialist for families with young children online and in Munich. Contact details:
Hungarian: Thank you Erika. So nice you speak it perfect (Contact details Erika Baumgartner:
Russian: Thank you Anna  (Marte Meo® Therapist und Colleague Trainer in Bavaria –  Contact details on demand)
Spanish: Thank you Andrea (Marte Meo® Therapist and Colleague Trainer at the University in Madrid
Turkish: Thank you Sevim Leventoglu (Marte Meo® Practitioner).

Without Adriana, Ayse, my husband and other helpful people, this project could never ever has been realised. I’m so gratefull!

You’ll find soon the flyers as well in Italian, Croatian, Romanian etc


You can download the marte meo® flyers right here: