Supervision also online supervision and longdistance supervision!

Supervision as a professional consulting method offers you and/or your employees a confidential space. There, individuals, managers or teams can reflect on their own professional role, workflows, cases or structures. They take the time to look at conflicts and challenges as well as to develop new perspectives and concepts.

This is exactly how new ideas can be developed to reconcile personal goals, job satisfaction or a better balance between work and private life and the goals of an organisation.

I offer case supervision, team supervision and individual supervision

Take the opportunity to test online supervision and longdistance supervision now!

Have you ever thought of long-distance supervision? To online supervision? All you need is a good internet connection.
In the current situation with the Corona pandemic, online supervision is particularly useful.

Longdistance supervision offers individuals or groups the opportunity to use supervision over long distances and with time flexibility!

Online supervision also makes sense for you,

  • if you are unable to attend or schedule appointments on site
  • if all team members on your team cannot be in the same place at the same time
  • when your employees work together in different locations over long distances. With Internet access, this is easy.

But it can also be a solution for you if you are abroad or have to live and still want supervision in German.

You may be working in a German approval, in a project abroad, a project office, a boarding school, a residential group, a day care centre or a school abroad? Do you carry out an experience-pedagogical measure?

Longdistance supervision can be done synchronously or asynchronously by phone, zoom (with or without split screens) and by email.

I myself prefer the professional platform Cai-World. There, data such as texts, videos, drawings, images, etc. are transmitted encrypted and Cai-World offers a variety of interactive online tools in virtually protected consulting rooms: whiteboard, chat, sociogram, installation, screen transmission, etc.

With Cai-World you use a particularly secure system: encrypted transmission, servers in Germany and Switzerland, no one but you and me have access to the data!

I offer both case, individual and team supervision online. Have you tried it? If not, it would be time! I would be happy to invite you to an appointment so that you can gain your first experience with this special form of supervision.

Call 0175 2686615 if you have any questions. I am happy to answer them.