As a Frenchwoman who has lived in Germany for more than 40 years and has been working with children, young people, families and multi-professional teams since the end of the 1980s, as a mother of four children now grown up, I have learned both professionally and privately:

  • Promote thinking and learning processes in a targeted manner
  • Burn-out – Prevent states
  • What is to accept, but: overlooked possibilities to discover or rediscover
  • Together with people from young to old, to develop viable solutions to the most diverse problems in dialogue.

The theoretical basis was provided by the study of psychology in Paris, on which I was able to build, with the help of the many trainers and therapists I have met in the course of numerous trainings, further trainings, conferences or seminars, and with the support of my family.

Especially in terms of learning, I owe a lot to my father, who made inventions in a wide variety of fields, but also at the age of 65 still made his driver’s license for ultralight pilots. His motto: Work must be fun and challenge in some way.
I also owe a lot to my brother Christian Godefroy, a well-known coach in the French-speaking world. As a teenager, I discovered biofeedback, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, various methods to simplify learning, such as superlearning, suggestopedie, relaxation techniques … I also owe him my love for language, for stories and, last but not least, for the fun of writing.

My four children trained my humour, my patience, my ability to do business, my inventiveness and my flexibility. Inevitably, they have had to develop the same skills in dealing with their mother! They gave me the opportunity to review the theory again and again in practice. I hope they had (mostly) as much fun as I did.

My attitude: ensure assistance as long as necessary, but make me expendable as soon as possible.