Can adults learn differently and easier?

We live in a rapidly changing world. The world of work in particular is constantly changing. We must always be able to adapt to new conditions, do a lot and constantly review and expand our knowledge.

German I learned as an adult, and so I know from my own experience how important learning strategies are to improve my own thought processes in order to absorb and process as much information as possible in a meaningful way.

Even as an adult and not only as a child or adolescent, we have good opportunities to promote our thought and learning processes. In the meantime, it has been proven that thinking can be optimised into old age, because our brains form new cells and new cell connections for a lifetime, if it is stimulated properly!  I would therefore rather talk about optimizing cognitive abilities in adults than about learning therapy.

Even unfavourable conditions in the workplace, overload,financial and/or emotional crises can limit learning abilities (and not only them!):

  • Important information is no longer included.
  • Relationships are not detected quickly enough.
  • The displeasure of dealing with specialist books, new procedures, etc. is increasing.
  • Self-confidence can be affected. Those who dare less dare no longer dare to engage in new things.
  • Fatigue, headaches or other physical ailments up to complete blockage can discourage.
  • The non-re-switching can “pollutes” the private sector like oil that leaks from a tanker and pollutes the sea.
  • Sleep problems, irritability and the like can be the result.

Stress-related problems and other side effects, up to physical discomfort of unclear origin disturb in everyday life and make it difficult to acquire new knowledge or new skills. Proven therapeutic methods as well as relaxation techniques can be used effectively here.

The goal is always a plus in quality of life,a progress in professional terms. Mostly, unexpected positive changes surprise. Maybe your communication skills will be influenced favorably or you will just feel liberated, you will not tire so quickly.
What at first only seems like a small step (and is therefore also feasible!), can do a lotlike a snowball that rolls down a slope and gets bigger and bigger without effort.

Ask! Try it!