Children and adolescents with special needs

Interactive coaching with video support for parents, educators, teachers or other professionals

First, we discuss the concerns of the parents or the professionals. Then we film short sequences from everyday interactions. The videos will be analyzed before the next call. (For more information on Video interaction analysis, see Aarts, 2019).

Selected image sequences form the basis for the coaching conversation with the parents or the specialists. We analyze each interaction using Marte-Meo techniques, then discuss our observations. The whole conversation – called review – is conducted according to this coaching model.

This provides parents and professionals with concrete information for everyday life. They learn When (Situation) to do What (Marte Meo-Element) in order to successfully support this child and Why (Marte Meo Information) it is useful  (For more informations on Marte Meo 3Ws, see Maria Aarts 2019) . The selected image sequences show what the adults are doing and how they could stimulate and support the child’s development at this moment.

Young people are also involved in the process in other ways.

There are many special Marte-Meo programs for children with special needs:

children who are isolated or bullied and children with autism spectrum disorder or ADHD. But there are also programs to support play, communication, cooperation, and interactions at school.

How can I better handle my child’s homework time? This is a small selection of many possibilities…