Marte Meo® Coaching

The challenges in everyday management are constantly increasing.
The focus is no longer on knowledge but on specialized skills:

  • Self-awareness, self-regulation, self-organization
  • Solving complex interpersonal situations – whether they are employees or customers – quickly and reacting intuitively and flexibly
  • Negotiating relationships, integrating employees, building trust, providing motivation
  • Working respectfully wit diverse teams, virtual teams and project teams
  • Successfully managing (or leading) staff meetings, company meetings and negotiations
  • Adjusting your understanding of yourself and others
  • Understanding the role your self-awareness plays both within and outside your own organisation
  • Initiating change processes, etc.

If you want to consider your impact, your leadership, your communication style…
If you want to sharpen your observations and consciously capitalize on your strengths, then you need Marte Meo® coaching!


Marte Meo® was developed by Maria Aarts in the 1980s in the Netherlands. Marte Meo® comes from Latin and means “make a difference on her own”. In the meantime, this method is used profitably in more than 50 countries worldwide.
Concretely, from practice to practice. The power of images and simple words.
Marte Meo® is a resource-oriented and video-based development support. They determine the priorities: potential development, positive management, a good working environment and/or the promotion of cooperation within a system. What’s more of a point for you?

This is what matters in the teams, project teams or in dealing with customers. If more cooperation is noticeable, then it pays off: the results speak for themselves!

Marte Meo® also has an excellent burn-out prophylaxis by fostering an appreciative approach and healthy leadership style within an organization.

As master coach, experienced Licensed Marte Meo Supervisor and authorized company value:Human process consultant (theme areas of digitization, leadership, health, knowledge and competence) I gladly supported you.