Do you know exactly what the team needs to be successful, creative and effective?

Do conflicts affect the productivity of your team? Does the team have a high rate of absences? Is employee turnover higher than elsewhere in the organization? Is the team new or newly restructured? Does the team need new leadership to bring about positive changes? In all these cases and more, tailor-made team coaching helps:

Team development, conflict resolution,and perhaps, in addition, one-on-one coaching with management so that team members can reflect on and change their roles. Does the team need shared experiences inside or outside the company? The development of a common identity to strengthen teamwork?  A change of perspective to make the team function better within the company? Special short workshops?

Here’s a feedback from one of my many clients:

Ms. M., head of a daycare center: “Thank you again for the good, quality support. The professional development days were always very valuable for the entire team and gave us good support and guidance on our journey from healing pedagogy to inclusion. It was always a great mix: taking good care of yourself and making time to recover, working together as a team, and also looking forward and finding a good way to make quality work possible.”

I look forward to hearing from you.