Marte Meo® Orientation Maps


Box of 54 cards for the Marte Meo® bet


With these maps you will come up with new thoughts, refresh your Marte Meo® knowledge and develop the competence to look at yourself increasingly with the benevolent Marte Meo® glasses. This gives energy and with this energy consultations or situations are handled in a completely different way.

You will find 54 cards with questions in the box. There are two types of cards:

  1. On one map, the stick figure to the left of the question is surrounded by question marks. The questions are written in orange. Here it is questions that concern you.
  2. On the other map, the stick figure to the left of the question ponders: "Who would I like to think of in order to answer this question?" So here the questions relate to another person who is accompanied by Marte Meo®. The font is blue.

The cards can be used in different situations:

  • There are cards with questions that can be used directly with clients at a Marte Meo® advice;
  • There are maps with questions that (aspiring) Marte Meo® experts before and after MarteMeo consultations can ask themselves.
  • For maps with "chameleon questions": they fit in many contexts, as for example with practitioner courses.

"Why that?" Could you ask yourself. Well, don't you know that? Aspiring Marte Meo® Practitioner, Marte Meo® therapists and consultants are keen to put on the Marte Meo® glasses to see the resources and small advances of their clients. But how do they look at themselves? Often enough rather deficit-oriented, right?

The 54 Marte Meo® question cards are in a practical metal box: fits in every bag. They cost 15,- € incl. VAT 2.90 € packaging and postage costs are added when ordering (also for up to 4 boxes). Send an e-mail with your postal address.