The Marte Meo® 3Ws Box


"Marte Meo® 3Ws Box"

Brand new the educational game: "The Marte Meo® 3Ws Box"

Now, after two years of preparation, there is finally the learning game: "The Marte Meo® 3Ws-Box"! So that playful What information is suitable for the order and that can also be practiced and generated in a simple language. It can be played with teams, groups or individuals.

Some of you have been actively involved in the courses by testing prototypes and inspiring me with feedback on new ideas, improvements, etc.

The educational game is extensively packed with situation cards (photos), when, what (Marte Meo® elements) and what-cards (approx. 216) in different small boxes; with a detailed game guide, a collection of Marte Meo® checkliststhat are only available with me; an overview,which what information could fit more to which when and what map depending on the situation.

It is therefore ideal for one's own processes or to support participants in their development in a playful way during courses.
The educational game has been online since January 2020 at a price of 69,- € (incl. VAT and plus postage). And, should postal and billing addresses vary, please provide details. Thank you!

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Weight 10 kg