The new cards for on the go


The new drawings by Maike Grunwald show men and women, with and without headscarves, children who are of kindergarten or primary school age. Therefore, the cards can be used in crèches, day care centers as well as in schools or in youth welfare.
The drawings are deliberately kept simple. The texts have been checked, corrected or supplemented.

On almost all cards there is something in gray writing at the bottom for the reference persons. What happens to them when they name themselves or the child, offer a friendly face, etc.?

Caregivers can thus better understand how much relief the use of the Marte Meo elements brings about in everyday life.

Contents: 34 cards 8.5 x 5.5 cm (instead of the previous 27 cards), new slim and stable metal box.
Price: €20 incl. VAT

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